A note from the Owner:

“Stand Up Paddling has become so accessible due to it’s ease of learning.  Beginners are ready to go out and paddle in minutes. But there’s also so much room to grow on a board. we are learning new things everyday! It takes 5 minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master!”

“I was brought into this world kicking, screaming and paddling. I’ve paddled almost everything that can slide across water! I paddled Whitewater kayaks for 13 years. I’ve spent countless hours in a touring kayak, raced in canoes, guided rafts, hell I’ve even spent some time in a dragon boat!  If there’s one discipline of paddling I enjoy more than any other, it’s Stand Up Paddling. S.U.P. or “SUP” or “stand up”, whatever you want to call it, is flat out FUN! There’s really no other way to describe it. Standing up on the water is so much more exciting than sitting! I have so much more freedom of movement on a board. I can stand in the middle, stand on the back. I can turn forwards, I can turn back. And guess what? If I want to, I can sit! Yes that’s right. I can sit! I am not stuck in one position! I can sit right down on my backside whenever I please!  
Since I began my career of stand up paddling, I’ve been in the best shape of my life. No kidding. No more gyms, treadmills, or lifting weight in a crowded room. I can get a total body workout right from my board. Even when you don’t think you’re getting a workout, wait until the next day when those foot muscles, leg muscles, your core, shoulders and arms all feel the paddle from the previous day!  I can splash around on the board with friends. I can paddle steady for a long distance to keep my heart rate up. I can paddle sprints to build muscle. I can (well, some can) perform virtually any yoga pose from my board, or even complete a full workout routine right on the water. And the best part is, I am outside having fun! 

Kayaks and Canoes can often times be quite cumbersome. With lengths of up to 17 feet, and average weights of 60 lbs, It takes a lot of effort to decide you’re taking out your boat for the day. We’ve discovered how accessible SUP is due to lightweight designs & ease of handling. Most women or smaller men will paddle a board that weighs 25 lbs, while a larger males board will weigh only 30 lbs! This makes transportation easier. When you can’t get excited to put your boat on your car and head to the river, chances are you’re not paddling that day!

Here are a few reasons we like SUP so much:

  • Your perspective: Standing up will allow you to see so much more in & out of the water. It’s fun the first time and the 50th time!
  • You can do it anywhere: Oceans, lakes streams, swimming pools. you name! and oh yeah, you can check inflatable boards on a plane!
  • Easy to learn! Beginners are up and running in 5 minutes or less!
  • If you fall off, it’s easy to get back on! Boards won’t fill up with water like a kayak or canoe!
  • Surfing! It’s the most fun you can have standing up! These boards will get you on your first wave with ease!
  • Exercise: the simple act of balance will alone get your muscles working. When the paddle is engaged, the stroke resonates throughout your whole body (toes to shoulders).
  • Sitting down is for couches: C’mon, you know you sit too much!
  • Social: SUP is a very social sport. It’s very fun in groups of people all hanging out paddling alongside each other carrying on conversation!

I’ve been in the water my whole life, and I just can’t say enough about stand up paddleboarding. My family and I have dedicated a big part of our lives to it, and a big part of our store to it. Nothing makes us happier than introducing new friends to this great sport! 

Join me and my staff for one our SUP demos where we will show you the differences between boards, or join us for a tour, where we will explore the GA waters. 

If you’re not buying any of this, Join me on my next paddle. I’ll make a stand up paddler out of you in no time! 

-John Sloan